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Antenna (M5X0.5 BR) for the PDT 8137 (Motorola (Symbol) PDT 8100 Portable Data Terminal Accessories)

Manufacturer Path: Motorola Symbol / Mobile Computer Accessories / Antenna
Manufacturer:Motorola Symbol
MSRP (CAD):$37.18 *** Please contact us for corporate pricing or login to see web pricing or US$ pricing.
Manufacturer Part:CAF25973 (CAF25973)
Alternate Part:CAF25973 (CAF25973)
Description:Antenna (M5X0.5 BR) for the PDT 8137 (Motorola (Symbol) PDT 8100 Portable Data Terminal Accessories)
Alternates:CAF25973 Antenna (M5X0.5 BR) for the PDT 8137
Weight:0Lbs (0Kgs)
Date Updated:Jan 3, 2011
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